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Message from President
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Koshin Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd. was established in 1948 with the objective of manufacturing meteorological instruments. Since then, with innovative technologies and excellent imagination we have developed new leading-edge products that are in line with the times. In the fields such as meteorology, hydrology and geology we have evolved our skills from sensing to transmission and then onto general observation systems, allowing us to serve society better. Our company has cultivated the idea that “We are responsible for handing this beautiful Earth to the future generations” and each of our employees wishes to make it a reality. We adopted this as our corporate identity.

Also, since 1968 we have imported precision miniature motors from Switzerland and, through their sales, have successfully contributed to the process of national industrial developments, in accordance with advances in science and technology.

With the aim of being accepted as an organization and contributor in the global market, we Koshin Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd. commit ourselves to technology, and also humankind and their earth environment.

Hereafter, I wish to propose that we develop high-quality products that meet the needs of our changing society and provide solutions, including services, to our customers' full satisfaction. I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your continued patronage.

Representative Director and President Hisatoshi Kimura

Hisatoshi Kimura Biography

Birth Date November 18, 1965
March 1990 Nihon University
College of Science and Technology
Department of Precision Machinery Engineering
May 1998 The University of North Carolina in Charlotte Graduation
April 1990 Koshin Mini-Mo Co., Ltd. Initiation
March 1995 Koshin Mini-Mo Co., Ltd. Retirement from the company
April 1995 KKoshin Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd. Assume the Director
August 2001 Koshin Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd. Assume the Representative Director and Pre-President
August 2002 Koshin Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd. Assume the Representative Director and President

We aim at the Enterprise recognized worldwide by Trustworthiness and Creativity.

1-20-19 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0035 TEL: +81-3-3717-0101 FAX: +81-3-3718-0101

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