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SV-301 : Wind Vane/Anemometer (PDF : 569KB)
The SV-301 wind vane/anemometer sends both wind direction and speed signals simultaneously to the indicator for remote observation.
A windmill-type transmitter is used in combination with the wind speed/direction indicator.
KC-011 : Anemometer 3-Cup Type (PDF : 1336KB)
This 3-Cup type anemometer is made of polycarbonate resin. It's very solid, small and light.
WM-5201 : Complex-type Weather Sensor - Weather Mini (PDF : 806KB)
Weather Mini (WM-5201) is a very compact weather sensor containing 5 complex elements. (wind direction, wind speed, air temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure (option)).
This sensor can be directly connected with a personal computer, so you can easily make a simplified meteorological observing station. The signal transformation part can be arranged in a housing.
It has RS-232C or RS-485 which can be linked directly with a personal computer, etc. as an output unit.
Moreover, the power supply is DC 9-30V so as to enable operation with solar cells or batteries even if no commercial power is supplied, and in light of transportability and . fixability.
KB-101 : KOSHINVANE (PDF : 1155KB)
Model KB-101 KOSHIN VANE is an instrument in which a wind direction indicator and a wind speed indicator are combined in one unit. Its installation and operation are easy and its performances are excellent.
Model KB-101 is widely used with a high reputation as a most typical marine anemometer.
KD-3011/KD-3012 : 3-Cup Anemometer (PDF : 1568KB)
This 3-cup anemometer, made of polycarbonate resin, is small, sturdy, and light. Based on the expertise of the wind specialists, we have developed a variety of new types of unprecedented anemometers. They have excellent functional designs as well as high responsibility and reliability. (certified by the Japan Meteorological Agency).
DML-101 : Wind Vane/Anemometer - MINI SKY (PDF : 491KB)
MINI SKY is a product newly introduced, very light propeller anemometer and its very clear digital display shows real-time data.
KV-5020 : Marine Wind Vane/Anemometer - Koshin Vane (PDF : 2210KB)
The KV-5020 marine wind vane/anemometer (Koshin Vane) sends both wind direction and speed signals simultaneously from the transmitter for remote observation.
The transmitter is a windmill type and is used in combination with the wind speed/direction indicator. The indicator, which has an analogue face, receives and processes the transmitter signals to drive the pointers.

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