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We will carefully observe the Earth,
fully utilizing our original technologies and excellent creativity.

Meteorological Instruments Division Koshin Mini-Mo Division

No-one may consider it practicable to find such a brilliant planet as the Earth even in the boundless cosmos. We Koshin Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd. have been always thinking of how to affirmatively hand over the beauty of this planet to the next generation.

Various equipment we design and manufacture has been observing, here and there, meteorological phenomena surrounding this planet.

What this planet in fact desires for and appeals for? ----- Importance of environmental conservation has never been focused on so much as nowadays.

It is our keen desire to become an excellent manufacturer sensible enough to attentively listen to what the Earth shouts for and to seriously analyze it.

The human being and machinery would be getting more intimate each other year by year.

Various plans or ideas which are still no more than fantastic stories as of today would be gradually materialized sooner or later, being supported by so-called High Technologies. ----- The new century would promise such a bright future.

The industrial products of high quality Koshin Denki Kogyo supplies assure you of powerful support to the latest technologies in future. We are so proud of such an important role of the company.

We aim at the Enterprise recognized worldwide by Trustworthiness and Creativity.

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